Thermaic Gulf - Halkidiki

Thermaic Gulf

The coastal regions at the creek of Thermaikos offer the closest to Thessaloniki beaches, which explaines the fact that it was the first area of the county to become more tourist-friendly and still attracts the most visitors.In a distance of 35 km from Thessaloniki, towards Moudania, the visitors meets Agios Pavlos, Nea Iraklia and the refugee villages of Nea Kallikrateia, Petralona, Nea Triglia, Flogita, Dionysos Beach and in the 54th km the biggest town of Halkidiki, Nea Moudania, built from Asia Minor refugees in 1922. After Moudania, choosing the road to Cassandra, first leads to Nea Potidea, also refugee village located in the narrowest point of the peninsula, where also the Potidea canal has been opened, connecting the Thermaikos and the Toroneos gulf.

This western region of Halkidiki, does not only live on tourism, but also has a significant viticulture and wine making tradition. The sandy beaches, easily accessible and crystal clear, have also many touristic facilities and amenities, and offer a wide variety of choices for coffee, drink, food and entertainment. It is also an interesting place, not only for its archeological and religious sites, but also because here lies the Cave of Petralona, of great paleontological interest and the Fishing Museum in Nea Moudania.

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