Sithonia (2nd leg) - Halkidiki

Sithonia (2nd leg)

This is the place where the important ancient city of Olynthos is situated, as well as the second 'leg' of Halkidiki, the Sithonia peninsula, forms a more interesting and full of alternations geographical relief, as a landscape and when it comes to to its coastline, too. Numerically more and equally beautiful with the beaches in Cassandra, Sithonia offers bays and ports, big sandy or smaller rocky beaches, satisfying everyone's taste.

The first 20 km in Sithonia, are full of extraordinary beaches, with Agios Ioannis, Lagomandra and Elia being the most significant ones. Arriving at Neos Marmaras, the visitors will notice a very crowded touristic town, which has lost its traditional color, but still being a crossroad for those who want to visit either the non-residential island Kelyfos or the beautiful mountain areas of Itamos and the abandoned settlement of Parthenonas. Porto Carras is the next most significant stop, a really big hotel-complex, whose area includes a coastline of 10 km, 33 bays and the ability to offer to its residents luxurious services. In a distance of 23 km from Neos Marmaras, the beach of Toroni, which also incorporates a part of the ancient city of Toroni, and then the enclosed bay of Porto Koufo, perfect for an one-day stop.

Driving 22 km after Porto Carras, the visitor arrives at Sykia, a big yet traditional village, which offers easy access to many beaches. At this southernmost part of Sithonia, the landscape looses its trademark pine trees and becomes more 'meditaranean', but still very beautiful. After Sykia, it is Sarti's turn to host its visitors in its touristic facilities, which didn't exist until the early 80's at this fishermen village, with 3 impressive beaches: Sykia, Achlada and Kavourotrypes.After Sani, the east cost is full of beautiful untouched by human beaches and several camping areas, until the coastal settlement of Vourvourou, with a beach perfect for swimming or just to admire its beauty. After that, the route leads you to Agios Nikolaos' seaport, the bay of Panagia(Virgin Mary), where many ships embark to cruise along the west coast of Mount Athos. Finally, Agios Nikolaos, a traditional preserved village, one of the oldest in Halkidiki, full of stone-built houses and picturesque cobbled roads.

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