Kassandra (1st leg) - Halkidiki

Kassandra (1st leg)

Starting your road-trip from Thessaloniki towards Halkidiki and more specifically to the peninsula of Kassandra, through Moudania, first you 're going to travel acrosss the west coast of Halkidiki mainland. This region, the coast of the creek of Thermaikos gulf and the Kassandra peninsula, welcomes the majority of the tourists in Halkidiki.

Especially Kassandra, with its peaceful green landscape and the beautiful beaches, is densely populated and the top-priority choice of young visitors who want to have fun.

After the Poteidea channel, the first stop in Kassandra is also a refugee village, Nea Fokea, and also the picturesque traditional settlement of Afytos, with its beautiful streets and stone-built houses, its trademark though being the square of the village and its impressive view over the sea of Toroneos gulf. Next stop is the tourist destination of Kallithea, with its crowded yet beautiful beach, the vivid nightlife, as well as an interesting ancient village. Following Kallithea, along the southeast coast, the visitor finds the on-the-seashore villages, among a bunch of pine trees, Kryopigi, Polychrono, Chanioti and Pefkochori.

Towards the edge of the peninsula, the natural port of Glarokavos takes the visitor's breath with its natural beauty and, at the southernmost point, the quiet agricultural village of Paliouri offers its famous local products to anyone who roams around its beautiful little streets, surrounded by an impressive pinetree forrest. Going on along the southeast road, the next settlement is Xynas, followed by the bay of Agios Nikolaos, with the Saint Nicolas chapel and finally, Agia Paraskevi, offers a traditional architectural beauty and the hospitality of its residents, apart from its famous taverns with the excellent tsipouro.

After Agia Paraskevi, along the west coasts of the region, the traveler passes again on the side of Thermaikos gulf, with Loutra as a first stop, famous for its natural baths and the unique landscape. Now its the turn of less crowded villages to be visited, Nea Skioni with the mountain area of Tsaprani, Anemi and the small settlement of Mola Kalyva, not so 'happening' as Kallithea and Poseidi, are still equally beautiful and suggest an ideal destination for 'low profile' travellers, who seek for calm blue beaches. On the southwest, the touristic- and tradition-wise important villages Kalandra and Posidi, also give the opportunity to visit the ancient Mendi. This is a turning point, leading back to Kallithea, through the loud and aesthetically indifferent Skala Fourkas and Siviri, that constitute the center of entertainment in Cassandra. Passing through the picturesque little mountain villages Fourka and Cassandrino, the visitor arrives at the interesting Cassandria. The touristic center of Sani, is situated at the west coast of Cassandra, underneath Nea Fokea, with one sight-see to visit, a small byzantine defending tower.

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