Central Halkidiki - Halkidiki

Central Halkidiki
'arnaia' - Halkidiki
'arnaia' - Attribution: Lóránt Dankaházi

From Stageira and towards mount Cholomontas, the driver comes through and across many mountain villages of Halkidiki, until the Arnea traditional town, a picturesque and historical place, known for its well-preserved traditional buildings, some of them being fine examples of the Mount-Athos-architectural style. After Arnea the visitor shall follow the road to Polygyros, passing through many mountain villages, including Agios Prodromos 20 km from Arnea which is renowned for its taverns and local cuisine. South of Agios Prodromos lies Polygyros, the capital of Halkidiki County, a place suitable for every visitor, being a historical mountain town, with many museums, shops and a picturesque historical center.

Between Polygyros and Thessaloniki, many picturesque villages, known for the high quality of their products are also ideal for winter vacation: Taxiarchis, Vrastama and Vavdos being only a few suggestions. There is also Galatista, a picturesque town with a long-term tradition in byzantine iconography and rich history, especially from Byzantine and Ottoman occupation eras. Finally, the last villages before Thessaloniki, with a well-preserved traditional colour and a gentle attitude of hospitality towards visitors, are Vasilika, Souroti, Peristera, Livadi and Petrokerasa.

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