Afitos - Halkidiki


Afytos is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful villages in Halkidiki. The village exists since 3000B.C.. It used to be an important place during the ancient years and we can find several citations made by Greek authors and philosophers (Aristoteles,Plato,Herodotus,etc).

However, Afytos is not only well-known for its longstanding history, but also for the village's beautiful stone houses with the distinctive architecture and the picturesque alleys.

Visitors additionally have the option of visiting the Rock-the 'Village Balcony' and Koutsomylos-the 'Village Acropolis', to admire the fascinating view of the bay of Sithonia, Toroni and Kassandra.

Afytos is also famous for its beautiful beach. Four kilometers of fine white sand is dotted with cafes, restaurants, beach bars and umbrellas creating a cosmopolitan spot for visitors to enjoy. Even the more demanding traveler will be amazed by the cyan waters of the sea.

Afytos has a rich cultural tradition besides all. During the summer visitors have the chance to attend numerous events such as live music performances and art exhibition, while enjoying a relaxing meal at a Greek Taverna.

A visit to Afytos should be on the list of any traveler to Halkidiki. The island-like atmosphere of the village, will make it a place to remember.

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